About Me

Hi there and welcome!

My name is Addie Jackson, I am the owner of Wolfness Athletics, and I want to share with you my journey to this beautiful creation. 

Wolfness Athletics has been a dream floating in my head for several years, as a teenager, I dreamed of having a brand that would bring women together and bring purpose to my life. Many people told this young girl that this was simply a dream and things would change. I knew they were wrong. But, I also know now, I wasn't fully prepared for the surprises life would bring and I had no idea how I would grow in the years to follow. 

Through majority of my college experience, I was never taken very seriously with this dream that turned into a goal. Ultimately I was okay with that. I didn't need the approval or recognition that Wolfness would truly live and bring together a community of women. However, I did not foresee how my dream would change into something more. 

At 22, prior to graduation, I made a life altering discovery that changed the meaning behind Wolfness. I was pregnant with my daughter Nora Grey. When I think back to this time in my life, I hadn't a thought in my mind about becoming a mother. I was thinking of motherhood as way down the line! When I saw the results of the test, I sat in confusion, heartache, and a loss for words to be honest. I was about to graduate, I was prepping for a bikini competition, and I was faced with the biggest decision.

After the initial shock of knowing I would give life to a little human, I decided to take on life with the father of the little spark growing inside me. He was supportive and willing to take on the responsibility of becoming a father and a husband. With that, we were married. Shortly after our wedding, we moved to a new state that was home to him but almost foreign to me. We left my family, our friends, and our life in Indiana.

I wasn't working at the time so I had plenty of time for doing my daily "house-wife" duties along with planning and sculpting a plan to have Wolfness become reality. In all honestly I had much time to really sit in my mind. In that mind wasn't all beautiful roses and happiness. There was pain, fear, sadness, and the feeling of being alone, along side the happiness I experienced daily. I dug hard into sculpting what you see here today but the issue was, I wasn't sure what Wolfness was to represent anymore. That is until miss Nono was born. 

Once Nora was born I knew I had an obligation to show her that being a mother, being a working mother, and pursuing goals and dreams had before she was even a thought, were possible. I felt called to show her life is more open and she will have the ability to dream and want. More importantly to never fear or limit her potential. My want to show her that being loyal to who she will become grew into a thunderstorm of chaos. For me, I had this idea stuck in my head that having a family would take away my ability to be me and would only take from me, never give. I saw the falsity in this idea but I still struggle with it. 

Nora is my why. As a mother, I have seen how we neglect ourselves for the betterment of our children and our family. Although, the wolf still eats. A mother wolf takes great pride in her pups, and takes care of them as any mother would, but, she still eats to survive. We as mothers know sacrifice, we know courage, and we know passion. Learning to stay loyal to know who you are and stay loyal to her, is continuous, never ending. We all struggle with this, I struggle with this. I know now though that I can't truly take care of anyone at the best of my ability without taking care of me. That doesn't mean there aren't times when I am too tired to take a shower or forgotten to eat because I had a million things to do and take care of. It means I am aware of what I need to do to take care of my baby girl. 

I am a wolf, passionate, courageous, loyal. Not only to myself, but to my family, and the people who help me grow. 

YOU are a wolf. With or without children. Each one of you play a role in the pack I am building. 


Excited to have you join!

Ajacs & Proud Owner of Wolfness Athletics