How to Style - Maternity Legging

Article published at: May 9, 2023 Article author: adrienne jackson
How to Style - Maternity Legging - Wolfness Athletics
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Hi Lovely Mama,

As an expecting mother, it can be a challenge finding something to wear with your ever changing body. We know. We’ve released our Maternity legging to give you comfort in any situation! 

Its not easy, especially when your tired and all the energy is getting eaten by this little human growing! Ugh. Have you gone to your closet yet to say the same thing you did yesterday? That “Grrrr, what do I wear? Nothing fits right, and I just want to be comfortable and cute!” Well, have a look at the outfit ideas you can easily wear with our maternity legging! 

One way we, at Wolfness Athletics, would pair our leggings for a family outing is with a comfortable bra. First things first a comfortable bra is a must... am I right mama's? A t-shirt that can be tucked up under the bra. And to top it off, throw on some cute booties. Perfect fit for family outings! 

Next on the list, we want to style a fit for a casual day out. On this outing you can pair our leggings with a maternity top. Add in a light weight sweater if it is a bit breezy out and finish the look with the flip flops or really, any casual shoe of choice. 

What if I have a date night? You may ask… well listen mama, we have your back! Throw our cozy leggings on to start, then throw on one of those tops that make you feel wonderful! This could be a tank, in warmer weather, or a cute sweater tucked up under your bra! As for shoes, we know shoes make a big impact on your fit of choice. So, look in that closet and if you have a high knee boot that’s an easy way to elevate your beautiful look. Another option, low platform heels, because we know those high heels might cause some pain which is what we want to avoid. Am I right mama’s? Could get you a nice foot rub though if we think about that one! Ha. If needed, throw on a cute jacket and you have finished your date night look!

Even though you are an expected mama, running errands never seems to end... A cute look to have you feeling better in your errands is, our maternity leggings paired with a t- shirt knotted above the bump. Throw on that jean jacket that you love wearing over the t-shirt. Complete this uplifting fit with some classic chucks (converse). Enjoy those errands now while its quiet mama!

The last style we have for you with our maternity leggings is of course......working out. We know that as an expecting mama, sometimes you feel different and uncomfortable in your current body, but we are here today to tell you, “Absolutely not woman, you are just as beautiful as ever”! A very simple way to wear our maternity leggings to workout, is with a sports bra, big oversized t-shirt and some tennis shoes. This simple workout fit will give you the confidence you need, to continue to workout! 

If you choose to go with any of our suggestions, we at Wolfness are confident that you will look incredible but also, you might have some amazing style and you will look stunning in anything that you, personally, put together! 

Woman sitting on the floor holding the baby bump wearing the rosey pink leggings