About Us

Welcome to Wolfness - where the fierce determination of a woman meets the playful heart of a child.

Our Story

Every woman possesses a unique duality of spirit. At Wolfness, we recognize and celebrate this. Our journey began with our founder, Addie Jackson, embarking on one of the most transformative phases of her life: motherhood. This period led to an enlightening realization: within every woman lies a harmonious blend of fierce determination and playful innocence. This realization deeply resonated with Addie, compelling her to reshape Wolfness around these guiding principles.

For Addie, the first two years of motherhood were a dance of strength, vulnerability, joy, and challenge. In those moments of introspection and growth, the symbolism of the wolf took on a new, deeper meaning. It wasn’t just about being courageous and strong; it was also about guarding the precious innocence and wonder that resides within us all — a spirit untamed by age or circumstance.

Wolfness became a celebration of this universal spirit. It's an invitation for every woman, whether a mother or not, to connect with that inner duality. To embrace the protective, fierce determination that drives us forward, and the childlike wonder that keeps us dreaming.With Wolfness, Addie invites every woman to lead boldly and live playfully, channeling both the fierce essence of the wolf and the joyful heart of a child.

Our Promise
Functionality and Comfort: These aren't just buzzwords for us. They are the pillars upon which our brand is built. We understand the demands of the modern woman - the need to move freely, to feel powerful, and to remain comfortable. Our designs are meticulously crafted, offering genuine comfort paired with practical use, ensuring every woman feels truly represented in every stitch.

Our Mission
Through our creations, we seek to empower you. To inspire you to lead your life with bold conviction while never letting go of the joy, wonder, and playfulness of your inner child. We want every piece you wear from our collections to make you feel both powerful and free.

Our Values

  • Duality: Celebrating every woman's fierce spirit and joyous inner child.

  • Empowerment:Elevating you to lead with confidence.

  • Versatility: Delivering apparel that meets the real-life demands in both design and function.

  • Eco-Conscious: Actively reducing our carbon footprint with eco-friendly practices for a sustainable future.

  • Joyful Living: Encouraging a life filled with joy and wonder.
  • Boldness: Inspiring a fearless approach to all challenges and opportunities.

Join Our Journey
With Wolfness Athletics, we invite you to "Lead boldly and live playfully." Wear your wild, embrace your childlike wonder, and remember - the world is yours to explore.