Wolfness Athletics - Miami Fabric Show Adventures

Article published at: Jun 6, 2023 Article author: adrienne jackson
Wolfness Athletics - Miami Fabric Show Adventures - Wolfness Athletics
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Hello Lovely, 

It's the magician with no magic! Let me take you on an adventure. Are you ready?

It’s March 26th, I am driving into Miami Florida with my best friend, Cynthia. We are slightly panicked because, if you have driven through miami, people are CRAZY! Why are we in Miami? We were set out to attend our first fabric convention! 

Three weeks prior to the adventure, I fast tracked a year long Fashion Business course into just about 6 weeks. So many overwhelming late nights but they were all worth it. I started to understand more into what I wanted, in terms of where Wolfness was heading. So when the opportunity to get to Miami presented itself, I jumped. How could I not? I actually had a battle raging inside of me as I planned out this leap. Why? This was the first time I'd be leaving my daughter for longer than a weekend in almost two years. Most would probably laugh but for me this was a huge step. One I wasn't sure I was ready to take. 

Flash forward to Miami, I was missing my beautiful baby but knowing she was safe and fine, I started to really dive into a whole new meaning of Wolfness. I had been designing and creating a collection in my mind and on paper prior to the convention so that when we walked in I could feel each fabric and make some decisions. While there were some amazing fabrics, no decisions were made, only shopping and making connections. I say “only”, but this was a huge step in the right direction. 

We attended multiple seminars and one thing I heard that settled any doubt in my mind of leaving my baby girl was this, “There is no substitute for this show. Always do this and be consistent.” “Green light” (Matthew McConaughey Reference). Now that I was sure of my being there, my mind opened to ideas and dreams. There were many other references from speakers in the seminars that aligned with things I had said in the past, but resonated with me in new ways. 

The convention only spurred me on in this grand adventure as a mom and as a fashion business owner. Truly, it gave me new direction and a fresh outlook of what I really wanted for Wolfness. We got to meet with some amazing humans, some supplying sustainable fabrics from all over the world. It was nothing short of incredible and informational. Reaching for that dream you've been chasing doesn't mean it will be perfect on the first try, or even easy, for that matter. I’ll be the first to say, IT’S NOT EASY. Though, just like being a mother, it sure as heck isn't an easy job, but you love it non the less and wouldn't give it up even if you had the opportunity! NEVER. Oh woman, is it fun to continue learning about yourself in the chaos bound to follow any dream you chase. 

We have another opportunity in July that I am so excited to take. I'll keep you updated with anything I possibly can without giving too much of my little secret away before it actually happens but one thing's for sure, we are evolving as a company and changing for the better. Stay tuned, you lovely lady. 

Take care of yourself. 

  • The mama with a dream (aka Ajacs)                     
Woman standing next to the Miami Fashion Show Sign at the entrance of the building.