Wolfness Athletics Founder's Journey - Who is behind the brand?

Article published at: May 23, 2023 Article author: adrienne jackson
Wolfness Athletics Founder's Journey - Who is behind the brand? - Wolfness Athletics
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Hello Lovely, 

It’s wonderful to meet you. I am a magician with many hats but no magic. When I started Wolfness Athletics, I was 6 months postpartum with a sweet little baby girl, newly married, and living in a new state. Did I mention, this all happened within one year? Yes ma'am… Back before any of this was even a reality in my mind, I had a vision of bringing women together by what women wear in the gym. Wolfness, specifically came from “she-wolf”. As in saying “she has a wolfness about her.” She's fierce, loyal, and courageous. 

Zoom forward a year and some and here we are today, with a little girl turning two in June and so much more knowledge on my side. I've grown to love the fashion industry more now than I ever thought I had in the past. We as humans have a tendency to evolve and grow; funny how that works. 

This company has been a joy, a challenge, a learning curve, but mostly a passion. Dreams aren't just for little girls and boys growing up, it's continuously asking yourself, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”. Dreaming is exactly what I love doing however, implementing that dream into reality is a whole different ball game. I had little to no knowledge of the fashion industry when I started. Now, I'm jumping at opportunities to grow the company in a direction of something more than what Wolfness currently is.

As a mother, I truly want to inspire this little girl who will grow up with dreams of her own. She is my future beyond this business. My job is to teach her and show her that dreams are possible if you work at it and put your heart into it. Will she have the same dreams as I? No, it's more likely that she will not, and that is okay! Raising a tiny human is not an easy thing to do, but it is truly the most rewarding thing for me, personally.   

I can’t share with you all of the details just yet covering what is to come to Wolfness but I will say, we aim to make a difference in the quality and functionality of our clothing, sustainability and care to the earth we are gifted, and most importantly giving back and helping when and where we can, to those around the world. So my lovely lady, stay tuned in this wild adventure! In the meantime, I will do my best to keep you updated on everything taking place and I am beyond excited to share my little secret.

  • The no Magic Magician (aka: Ajacs or Addie Jackson)
Woman wearing black top and white shorts, holding her daughter wearing the pink watermelon wolfness athletics t-shirt. while also holding the leash with her dog.