Our Soul Goes Deeper Than Style and Fashion

Article published at: Feb 15, 2024 Article author: adrienne jackson
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We Want To Make A Bigger Impact - With Your Help!

Wolfness is proud to announce its effective generous initiative in cooperation with two great foundations: Girls Not Brides and The Wolves and Humans Foundation. By Wolfness giving 1% of all revenue every month to these causes, it does not only take the spirit of giving but gives the community the power to give in a bigger way. Give 5% of your shopping when you spend $50, give 7.5% when you spend $100, and a generous 10% when you spend $150 to these great causes.

Girls Not Brides: 

Girls Not Brides is a formidable partnership to end child marriage, an issue that affects millions of girls across the globe. It is an alliance to stop child marriage and support girls to have the chance to reach their potential with more than 1,000 civil society organizations from more than 95 countries that were founded by The Elders in 2011. Girls Not Brides works tirelessly, from raising global awareness to influencing policies and enabling communities, to achieve a world where every girl can decide if, when, and whom to marry.

The Wolves and Humans Foundation:

The Wolves and Humans Foundation, based in the UK, is dedicated to the conservation of Europe's large carnivores. This involves the maintenance of the large carnivores that occur on the continent—wolves, brown bears, and lynx—whose habitat includes Europe. The foundation works in the search of practical solutions that would present options for the coexistence of humans with these majestic creatures, which would help in sustainable conservation of such populations in the long term. It points at a need to reintroduce large carnivores, underlining how such predators have a crucial role to play in healthy ecosystems, in addition to restoring ecological balance and increasing biodiversity.

By supporting Wolfness, you are not just purchasing quality sportswear but are also actively participating in a larger movement towards positive change. Our partners in driving meaningful change for human and wildlife communities—Women Not Brides and The Wolves and Humans Foundation—will join us. Let's embrace the power of generosity and together make a difference. Join us in our mission to support these incredible foundations and the invaluable work they do. 

For more information:

For more information, we've provided links below for you to do some research of your own if you wish to do so. While we are here now, working with these two foundations, our hope is to reach many more in time! Help us in making the world a more beautiful and lovely place. 

Girls Not Brides: